Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Power of a Good Video (Long or Short)

Have you run across the Redbox DVD rental stations? For $1.08 you can rent a just-released movie. That certainly beats the $3.99 at Blockbuster! Problem is that it is for one night, so you've got to make certain you can watch it that night.

We picked up a movie last night and watched it. It was a wonderful story called Bella, that won all kinds of film festival rewards. Because of lack of funding, it had a much-delayed theater release. It is a wonderful story of forgiveness and redemption, and portrays Latinos in a very positive role.
Bella is the long video (1.5 hours) referred to in the title of this post. The short one is a music video I saw on my son Greg's blog site. He posted it shortly after his 8th wedding anniversary. I liked it so much I wanted to post it shortly before my 33rd wedding anniversary. It was done by Warren Barfield, and will be featured in an upcoming movie called Fireproof, from the Sherwood Baptist Church, the same people who produced the movie Flywheel and Facing the Giants. Here is Warren Barfield, in Love is Not a Fight: