Sunday, February 14, 2010

It is for calves, and I like it in frozen form (perhaps with strawberries) . . .

I did not write this. The author's name is Mark Lightman. But I liked it . . .

Μαρκος τοις δυναμενοις αναγιγνωσκειν Ελληνιστι. Χαιρετε, ω φιλοι! Πως εχετε; Εγω Μαρκος καλως εχω.
Σημερον ὁ τοπος του Μαρκου «γαλα» εστιν. Γιγνωσκεις το ρημα «γαλα;» γαλα ποσις εστιν. Πινομεν γαλα. Γαλα λευκον εστιν. Εκ βοῶν γαλα εστιν. Μαρκος χεει το γαλα επι των «fruit loops» αυτου. Το γαλα εστιν «2%» ἢ «1%» ἢ «4%» ἢ «skim.»
Τοις ανθρωποις ὑγιειαν φέρει το γαλα. Αλλὰ γαλα και ωφελιμον εστιν προς το μανθανειν την γλωσσαν Ελληνικην. Την αληθειαν λεγω. Ουκ ψευδομαι. Εγω Μαρκος λεγω υμιν οτι γαλα βοηθήσει υμιν μανθανειν την Ελληνικην.
Γαλα γαρ «ακρωνυμον» εστιν: γ-α-λ-α.
Μαρκος λεγει: μικρον γαλα καθ’ ημεραν. γραφε Ελληνιστι και ακουε Ελληνιστι και λαλεῖ Ελληνιστι και αναγιγνωσκε Ελληνιστι. Ποιουντες ταυτα παντες ημεις προκοψομεν.
Ερωτῶ ουν σε: γαλα εχεις;
χαρις υμιν.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

I haven't blogged for a very long time . . .

I thought that the next blog I would post would be a reflection on the movie Avatar. I still haven't written that one down.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. In my e-mail this morning was a very thoughtful reflection on attitudes of Christians towards sports. It was written by my Chilean friend, Fernando Soto Dupuy, who ministers on the west coast. He recounts how he grew up in a church culture in Chile (different from the one in which we ministered), that viewed a Christian's participation in sports as an indication of carnality. I once led a Bible Study in a home in Chile, shortly after having my nose broken playing basketball. At the end of the Bible Study, my Chilean colleague asked the woman of the home to dismiss our meeting in prayer. She came toward me, put her hands on my head and began to pray for me, casting out the demons of sports. That shows a prevailing attitude of a certain Christian sub-culture at the time in Chile.

At any rate, Fernando's reflection was based on personal experience, and on an article titled "Sports Fanatics" by Shirl James Hoffman, published in Christianity Today. I know that most of the readers of this blog are more proficient in reading English than Spanish. You can access the article by Hoffman by clicking on the link.

Some of my readers will appreciate Fernando Soto's essay, titled "El Cristianismo el el deporte competitivo". If you read Spanish well, you may enjoy reading it. I know that I did!