Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Little Lady Ambassador

Here is a photo of a little OCC Lady Ambassador--Ruthie A. Ayelén Fish, Class of 20??

She's beautiful, isn't she?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Woohoo! E-mail from Zondervan!

Last month the rumors were alive at Logos Bible Software about an important contract that Bob Pritchett had signed. Logos users were speculating (and hoping), that Zondervan would cease and decease in their crazy idea that they could sell their books in electronic format better than Logos.

Every time I have attended a Logos event for Bible College and Seminary profs, I have asked the same question, "Are you making any progress with Zondervan?" The Logos people would smile and say, "You know, we used to say that we publish electronically some of the best books in the world, from A to Y!"

This e-mail notice came to me this morning from Zondervan:

Zondervan is discontinuing its Pradis® line of software. Technical support will continue until June 1, 2010 . Zondervan content can be found on multiple platforms and across many devices from e-book readers such as the Kindle and Sony Reader, to mobile devices such as the iPhone and BlackBerry. In 2010, new software titles will become available for use with Logos Bible Software.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Have a Granddaughter

Ruthie Ann Ayelén Fish (Benson), born September 13, 2009 at 7:09 PM (Central Time).

Proud parents: Gregory and Emily Fish

Proud grandparents: David and Rose Fish; Van and Tammy Benson

7 lbs. 20 inches long.

Ayelén is a Native South-American (Mapuche) name that means "to smile" or "joy".

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Emily's Grandma Went Home

WEBB CITY, Mo. — Shirley A. Sweeten. In loving memory of the matriarch of our family, Shirley A. Sweeten. To a woman that no one ever believed was 72 years old, due to your year-round tan, fashionable purses, ring covered fingers and the most stylish high heels in town. To many you are well known for the Elvis Presley collection in your office, to others for the combined 46 years of hard work as company manager for The Don Roderique Insurance Agency and Jasper County Mutual Insurance Company of Carthage, and to many as a proud member of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma.

To us, you are the foundation of our family. From June 4, 1937, to September 8, 2009, you brought to those around you strength, logic, determination, love and security. So many times, your opinion has become fact. We take comfort in the unshakeable faith in God that you taught us, and know that He must have had some projects in heaven that required your tenacity to get them done. We send our love through you to those that have gone before you, your parents, Joe and Ruth Leonard (Gramps and Granny), and your brother, Floyd. We know your sister, Reva Jean, and your lifelong friend, Sono, are comforted to know you are together. You have always been the heart of our family and we will take with us the lessons you taught us throughout your generous and productive life. So, for now, we express our love and respect, and look forward to the day we see you eternally so you can remind us once again what you never let us forget. “Love you More.”

Your loving husband, Keith, your children, Tammy, Russ, Darren, Van, Jill and Christina. The pride of your life, nine little Indian girls, who called you “Grandma”, Emily, Valery, Holly, Julia, Jessica, Stefany, Jenna, Hannah, and Madison. And to those that called you “GG”, your great-grandchildren, Nathan, Arianna, Elijah, Addelyn, Samuel and Ruthie. We all love you so much, but know you love us more! We as a family invite you to attend visitation from 6 to 7 p.m. Thursday at the Hedge-Lewis Chapel and graveside services at 2 p.m. Friday at the Carterville Cemetery with Rev. Jim Carter officiating.

Memorial contributions are requested to the College Heights Christian School Scholarship Fund in care of the funeral home.

Arrangements have been entrusted to the Hedge-Lewis Funeral Home, Webb City.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Does History Repeat Itself?

What George Santayana said is often misquoted: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." [Santayana, George. (1906). The Life of Reason or the Phases of Human Progress: Introduction and Reason in Common Sense. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 284]

You may read the entire book on Google books if you like.

Shortly after the presidential election, Time Magazine published an issue with Barack Obama on the cover, depicted as the new FDR of the "New New Deal." Some of the similarities are eery.

Last year I read The Forgotten Man by Amity Schlaes, and blogged about it here. Now, nearly eight months into President Obama's administration, it is easier to see the parallel
s. I was not alive during FDR's New Deal, but the people who lived through that period, have told me a story that coincides with Schlaes' viewpoint, that it was not the spending that revived the US economy, but rather our entrance into World War II.

Though the graphic of the 193
4 cartoon from the Chicago Tribune is now clean, it is easy to spot the similarities between then and now. My thanks to Chuck Johnston for pointing out this cartoon.