Sunday, October 25, 2009

Roger Powell Update

Roger Powell is playing in the Spanish Pro league. He recently came back from injury, and played in just his 2nd game today. He led his team with 14 points, as they were defeated on the road. Final score: Real Madrid 73 CB Murcia 66. Here are some video highlights, including one of Powell's dunks.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sports from a Christian Perspective

On the way to my activities this morning, I caught part of Focus on the Family's weekend program, and heard Del Tackett, founder of the Truth Project, talking about an incredible high school football game played almost a year ago in Grapevine, TX.

The game made some national news. Rick Reilly of ESPN The Magazine wrote about it here. I made a note to myself to look for information on the story, and located Del Tackett's story, "Cheering for the Underdog."

I also found this youtube video. Read the stories and watch the video. I think you will be blessed.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


The AT&T Customer Service (sic) Representative asks, "How can I make you a satisfied AT&T customer today?"

After about 4+ hours on the phone, unfortunately, I have to answer, "Sorry. You should be able to, but obviously you cannot!"

We have been AT&T phone customers (land-line) for over 15 years, and DSL customers for about 5 years. The plan was to drop the land-line and use their new product, DSL with no phone. We were to lose the phone service yesterday (10/6), with the DSL service continuing seamlessly. It did not happen. We lost both phone and DSL service. Their explanation was that the "order fell out of the system". Their solution was to make an entirely new order and wait another 6 days for activation. Yesterday I was told that a manager had authorized expedited service. Today they could not find the "new" order made yesterday, and made a 3rd order, for activation on 10/13.

Tomorrow morning, our local Cable company will be installing a cable modem for internet service only. It is nice to walk into a company, see a real person, and see how they do their best to provide customer service that is worth providing.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Eric Juan Phillips

Eric Juan Phillips Tomlin, an MK from Santiago, CHILE is in the running to be Chile's entry in the prestigious music festival in Viña del Mar.

His entry would be a song written in 1975 by Buddy Richard, a Chilean composer whose real name is Ricardo Roberto Toro Lavín. The Chilean public is allowed to vote via text message. It's a pretty good song. Here it is: