Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Scooter Will Ship on Friday Evening

Well, my Tank Touring DE 150cc motor scooter will be shipped to me on Friday evening. I know that it will be arriving via UPS Freight, with tracking via I have the tracking number already, but was told that I would not be able to track it on the website until Friday evening, after it had been picked up by the shipper.

It's not a huge distance from the "dealer" to me, but it will probably take 3 business days to get to me. That means I expect to be riding the scooter late next week. It is 85% assembled. I'll need to uncrate it, mount the front wheel, hook up speedometer cable, prep and install the battery, install the trunk. An online user forum recommends changing the oil in the machine at the time of setup. A student of mine (who happens to be older than I [am old, understood]), who has been riding, rebuilding and restoring motorcycles for years, will help me set this vehicle up.

I have a motorcyle permit, which means that I took a written test at the DMV, and will be able to ride during daytime hours with no passenger. I purchased a helmet, and UPS tells me that it should be delivered on Friday, so life is good.

Did I mention that insurance on the scooter is $75 for the entire year? Did I mention I expect to get 70mpg? Life is good.

May our Lord smile on you today!



Fearless said...

Hey this has nothing to do with your scooter :) I don't know if you will remember me, My name is Heidi Broekhuizen. I was roomates with Erin Shead our first semester at Ozark. I wondered if you know where she is and if you have an adress or an e-mail where I could reach her. I lost contact with most everyone from Ozark and I am trying to find her :) thanks - Heidi Noelle aka Fearless

David G. Fish said...


Erin lives in California with her sister, Sarah. I don't know Erin's e-mail address, but you can e-mail Sarah at:

Hope this is helpful.


Fearless said...

Thank you very much! That does help! :) hope you are doing good too! - Fearless