Sunday, February 11, 2007

Shawn Sealy Ordination

This morning I traveled to Park Grove Christian Church near Lowry City, MO to participate in the ordination service of Shawn Sealy. I rode with Mark Scott, my boss (OCC's Academic Dean). Shawn introduced us as professors who had made an imprint on his life. In 2001, when I went to Barbados to teach a short course, Shawn and his fiancée were students of mine. Shawn came to study at Ozark in 2004, graduating last May. At OCC, I had him in Old Testament History and in Greek I. He was an excellent student, and is an excellent preacher.

Mark Scott gave the traditional charge, and I spoke about Leadership Across Cultures. There was also an ordination/commissioning service for three elders from the church. I preached a 3 or 4 day revival meeting at that chur
ch in 2002. I think in the time after that, the congregation went through quite a bit of turmoil. A member there told me that when Shawn first went there to preach (nearly 2 years ago) that the church was very sick, and that he had brought healing.

Shawn will be married to Anastasia Charles on July 14 in Florida. Anastasia came to the U.S. to do a master's degree in education, and is currently teaching
in Florida. Unfortunately, she was not able to be present at the ordination today. The people at Lowry City obviously love Shawn very much, and he serves them diligently. Seeing former students do well in ministry is extremely satisfying.

God's best to you, Shawn! Serve Him well!

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Andy said...

Do congregations usually go through turmoil after you preach a 3-4 day revival there?

Way to go Shawn!