Monday, March 05, 2007

Skiing is Easier than Snowboarding . . . When You're Past 50!

It wasn't Colorado, and the snow wasn't really even white, but we skied on Friday, at Snow Creek Ski Resort near Weston, MO, just north of the Kansas City airport. My daughter Charissa and I went there last year, and Greg planned to go skiing on his vacation trip back to Missouri. On Thursday and Friday (last week and this week) adults ski for child prices. Griff covered my OT History class for me (thanks, Griff!), so I could do this family thing.

The five of us, Rose, I, Charissa, Greg, and Kimberly started this ski trip thing together probably about 19 years ago. We did it again on Friday, not in the majestic Andes mountains, not on any mountain, on artificial snow, but it was still fun. Snow Creek allows one exchange on rental equipment, from skis to snowboards, or vice versa, so late in the afternoon, we switched our skis for snowboards (that is, all except Rose). Somehow, Greg and Kim made it up the chair lift. Charissa and I were more sane, and ventured up a rope pull lift, not making it very far up, but stayed safer. Charissa and I were struggling, and a woman gave us some advice, but seemed astonished that we had never been on one before, nor had taken a class. God takes care of fools and children, they say. Our snowboard experience only lasted a short time, but we expended quite a bit of energy. Skiing is safe, I think, compared to snowboarding. I'm told that a snowboarder can become a good snowboarder in a shorter time than a skier can become a good skier. If I were younger, I might give it a try. For now, I like the skis. I can make them do what I want them to do!


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