Sunday, September 09, 2007

Roger Powell Jr. in Highest Pro League in Italy

Roger Powell Jr. has signed with Siviglia Wear Teramo of the Italian Professional Basketball League. Rose and I went to see him play in April with the now defunct Arkansas RimRockers of the NBA Developmental League. He ended up leading the NBADL in scoring (ppg) last season. He told us he thought that he would make an NBA squad, but that his stock had risen considerably, and that playing in Europe was also a possibility.

He played on a summer squad with the Memphis Grizzlies, but it was a matter of not being the right fit for that squad. I recently (about a week ago) that he has signed with Siviglio Wear Teramo of the Italian Series A Professional Basketball League. The regular season starts on September 30. One of his teammates is Clay Tucker, with whom he played on the Arkansas RimRockers last season.

I don't read Italian well, but I believe he suffered an injury, taking an elbow to the upper jaw, and had surgery yesterday (Saturday, September 8). The news reports seem to indicate he could be out for 3-4 weeks. Hope you get well, soon, Roger, and have a great season in Italy.

We have some missionary friends in Ancona, Italy, which is probably not very far from Teramo, where Powell will be playing. Maybe they can make contact with him sometime.



Casey Family said...

Hey David, I read the report and you got it - a bad elbow to the face which may have fractured his upper jaw. 3-4 weeks out. I didn't see any contact information on there - do you have an email address or anything? Jason

David G. Fish said...


This may help:

Siviglio Wear Teramo Basketball Team Contact Page
may help you find a way to contact Roger Powell, Jr.

If you make contact with him, give him my greetings. To help him remember me, tell him I'm the guy who played ball with his Dad, and who drove to Little Rock (4 hours) to see him play on Good Friday.