Saturday, March 29, 2008

Roger Powell in Italy

Roger Powell (the Reverend) has been playing professional basketball in Italy this year. I have been following his season there, which is not all that hard to do since they only play one game per week.

A couple weeks ago he erupted for 33 points in a game, by far his best game of the season. You can get the results from the Lega A Website. His team page is found at Teramo Siviglia Wear.

I found a video summary of his 33 point game (taken from Italian TV). About 15-16 seconds in, he gets an offensive rebound, and slams it back into the basket. If you watch the video, Powell is number 11 on the team wearing red uniforms.

The Cubs have their season opener on Monday afternoon. It will be cold in Chicago.

After tomorrow, we'll have our Final Four for the NCAA Men's tournament. Can Davidson knock off the Jayhawks? I'll be hoping they can!

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