Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Week in 1st Place--Will They Be in 1st On May 3?

Next Saturday, my son-in-law, Steve Robinett, and I will make a trip up to St. Louis to watch the Cubs play the St. Louis Cardinals. He has played in a fantasy baseball league for as long as I have known him, but I think if you were to pin him down, he is a Cardinal fan. I've made lots of trips to Cardinals-Cubs games with fans of the Cardinals. It should be fun. I would rather see the Cubbies win, but there are 162 games in the regular season, so who knows what will happen?

Jerry and Linda Mitchell, friends from Joliet (New Lenox), IL will be going to St. Louis. Linda is the sister of a great friend from high school, also a Cub fan. Linda's Mom is a super fan, as was her father.

I was reading a Cubs board, and saw a reference to Stephen Colbert (of the Colbert Report) where he said "Death to the St. Louis Cardinals". I googled that, and found a funny Colbert video (from opening day of the baseball season). It's short, but made me laugh (on the inside at least):

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