Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Pleasant Kind of Quimioterapia

Maybe you don't recognize the last word of this blog's title. Quimioterapia is the Spanish equivalent of the word chemotherapy. This morning in our Spanish-speaking Sunday School class we were discussing prayer items. A pretty constant prayer request these days is for Rose, and her progression through chemotherapy. She has been skipping Sunday School, as she needs to be careful not to be around people who might be carrying germs. She has been arriving for the worship service (shortly after it begins), sneaking in to get the benefit of being there, and then sneaks out shortly before it is officially dismissed (not during the prayer time, Randy :-),).

For several weeks, we have been looking forward to the arrival of our daughter, Kimberly, who is a school teacher in Mexico. She arrived Wednesday, so it turned into a "praise item". Kim is our youngest, and so for a long time, she has been known as Kimmy, or, if we are speaking Spanish, we might refer to her as "la Kimmy." (I am aware that it is not correct to use the definite article before a person's name, but it very common in Chilean Spanish, and so we speak that way). If you pronounce her name in Spanish--Kimmy, it is pronounced in exactly the same way as the prefix to the word quimioterapia. So I was expressing thanksgiving to God for the safe arrival of "La Kimmy." My co-teacher, Phil Casey (Felipe) in Spanish, who enjoys words just about as much as I, stated, "That's a good kind of Kimmy-o-terapia, isn't it?"

I couldn't agree more. We have laughed a lot at her stories. It has been good to have her "at home." So Rose now has two types of quimioterapia:
  1. the kind that pumps poison through her system, designed to kill any lingering cancer cells, and
  2. The presence of our daughter Kimmy, which is the kind of therapy that is pleasant indeed.
Scripture says that children are a heritage and reward from the LORD (Psalms 127:3). Thanks be to God!

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Ali said...

Dear Mr. Fish,
I happened upon your blog while googling Spanish Interpreters in Joplin, MO. :) But I very much enjoyed reading some of your thoughts and experiences. I was unaware that Rose has been battling cancer. I'm sorry to hear that! I will definitely keep that in my prayers. I hope the Spanish Sunday School class at College Heights continues going great! Please send my greetings to Greg (my fellow MK :) ) and Emily when you speak with them. God bless!


Alisa Barroeta