Thursday, February 16, 2006

Basketball, Baseball, Perspectives (Missions) & GNT

Basketball. Quin Snyder was a high profile signee as Norm Stewart's successor as head coach of the Missouri Tigers. He was mentored by Coach K at Duke, and things looked great for MU's upcoming basketball glory. Over the past few years, there was no small scandal, primarily involving transfer students from the College of Southern Idaho. Quin's days are now over, and as a Tiger fan or sorts, I am looking forward to improvement. I think Mizzou has had some top-flight talent, but in my opinion, Quin has not known how to get players to maximize their potential.

I have friends for whom OSU refers to The Ohio State University, but around here, OSU means Oklahoma State University. The head coach there, Eddie Sutton, is on a leave of absence, apparently related to a substance abuse problem. He went through the Betty Ford center years ago. He has 794 career wins. Early indications from the university have stated that he will receive credit for any wins the team gets under the leadership of Sean Sutton, his son, believing that 800 career wins will insure that he make it into the Basketball Hall of Fame. I don't know Coach Sutton, but sincerely hope that he can get help for his substance abuse problem.

The Midwest Christian College Conference Basketball Tournament started this morning on our campus. Our men's team, thanks to some other teams that knocked off conference favorite, Manhattan (KS) Christian College, won the conference championship out right, and gained the number 1 seed for the tournament. They have a bye tonight, and need to win tomorrow, to play for the conference championship (probably against Manhattan) on Saturday afternoon. I will be on the game clock for seven games, working the two prime time games tonight, the last three tomorrow, and then the championship games on Saturday. Go OCC!

Baseball. Good-bye, Sammy! I used to be your fan. Will Sammy Sosa make it into the Hall of Fame? He is already in my Hall of Shame! I have a number of Sammy Sosa bobble head dolls, including one my son got for me in a Tulsa Drillers uniform. Sammy's name should be spelled SaMMMMMEEEEEE, as that appears to be what you are about. $500,000 a year for Sammy adds up to humiliation. Sammy, you have forgotten whence you came. The little boy who polished shoes for a few pesitos has one of the largest heads in all of professional baseball. As a life-long Cub fan, I cheered. I was ready for you to leave a year ago. I thought you would do well in Baltimore. You did not. I thought you might go to Japan, but I guess I was wrong on that count. I work hard for my paycheck. My annual family income is pittance compared to what you call a humiliation. Get real, Sammy! You don't have a clue!

Perspectives (Missions). I am the prof of record for our Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course, and have enjoyed it very much. I found out late last week that one of the teachers lined up will not be able to do the class, so I will teach Week 11, titled Bridges of Love. Another course I am teaching is called Cross Cultural Mission Trips, which will culminate in a trip to Costa Rica during our Spring Break/Week of Evangelism. There will be six of us on the trip, and I'm looking forward to it.

Greek New Testament. I am immensely enjoying my reading through the GNT this year. I am into the gospel of Mark now, through mid-April on my schedule. It has been a blast.

Chapel. One more thought, then I'll close. Our chapel speaker today brought a message from Luke 15. In it, he referenced Henri Nouwen's work, and the purchase he made of Nouwen's book in a monastery in Georgia. The monk working in the bookstore told him that the book was improperly titled, and should have referred to the Prodigal Father. The term does apply to the father's actions in Luke 15. Generally we think that the term prodigal refers to someone who is reckless or wayward in lifestyle. An accepted meaning of the word is generous:

1prod•i•gal \ˈprä-di-gəl\ adjective
[Latin prodigus, from prodigere to drive away, squander, from pro-, prod- forth + agere to drive — more at pro-, agent]
(circa 1520)
1 : recklessly extravagant
2 : characterized by wasteful expenditure : lavish
3 : yielding abundantly : luxuriant — often used with of 〈nature has been so prodigal of her bounty —H. T. Buckle〉
synonymy see profuse
— prod•i•gal•i•ty \ˌprä-də-ˈga-lə-tē\ noun
— prod•i•gal•ly \ˈprä-di-g(ə-)lē\ adverb
2prodigal noun
: one who spends or gives lavishly and foolishly

Merriam-Webster, I. (1996, c1993). Merriam-Webster's collegiate dictionary. Includes index. (10th ed.). Springfield, Mass., U.S.A.: Merriam-Webster.

Aren't you glad we have a prodigal father?

Peace be with you all!


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