Tuesday, March 14, 2006

You Won't Ever Hear This on Talk Radio

I really like talk radio. I can remember days when I was all about music on the radio. I grew up near Chicago, and the hottest radio station around was 890-AM, WLS. It was rock & roll music at its best (WLS is now news talk radio). FM radio existed, but not like today. Chile had great FM radio stations, that played all kinds of music. People used to tell me I had a great FM radio voice. One of my favorite Chilean FM stations was El Conquistador.

It must have been about the mid-1980s that I switched. No longer interested in hearing music, I wanted information, that is news! Ask my kids, they got to listen to Radio Cooperativa more than they wanted. They begged for an FM music station, and I retorted, "I bought the
car. I paid for the radio. We'll listen to what I want to hear." I know that was mean. Maybe I warped my kids for life.

Since moving to the U.S., my radio listening habits haven't changed much. Usually my car would be tuned to AM radio. Though Joplin has a pretty good Christian music station, my car would be tuned to either Sports Talk or News Talk radio. Everybody else in the fam will listen to FM music, or perhaps a CD when travelling. Recently I got XM radio in my car. The three most used stations are: 1) ESPN radio (especially Mike & Mike in the Morning); 2) MLB-Home Plate (24/7 baseball news--I'm pulling for the Cubbies this year!); 3) Fox News Channel (the a
udio feed of the TV news channel).

I bought a CD today. That is so unlike me. In our chapel today, we had a concert by the Annie Moses Band. The band is made of of the family of Bill and Robin Wolaver (the composers of Sandi Patti's Make His Praise Glorious). Annie (pictured here) is their oldest child, an incredible vocalist and violinist. She is named after her great grandmother, a woman named Annie Moses, who she never even met, who lived an died in North Texas, but instilled a love for music in her daughter, Robin's mother. Robin taught music for one year at Ozark Bible College before marrying Bill Wolaver. Her father is Riley Donica, from the Kiamichi Mountains of Oklahoma, a rather famous person within Christian Church circles. The remaining members of the family play musical instruments and sing. The three oldest children were trained in classical music, and studied at Julliard in New York. They play a wide variety of music, and do it very well! I loved their concert.

It was especially touching when Annie sang a song titled When Daddy Says I'm Beautiful. So many girls and young women have a problem with the Heavenly Father's love, because they have wanted the love of their earthly father. The chorus to the song goes like this:

When Daddy says I'm beautiful
He smiles with his eyes
And a happiness that I can't describe
Fills me up inside
Confidence of love content within my soutl
Even after he is gone and I am old
When Daddy says I'm beautiful.

Annie writes this in the booklet with the lyrics that accompanies the CD:
My own father-daughter relationship is not the experience of every woman. Divorce, abuse, abandonment, or emotional disinterest from an earthly father can cause a distorted view of the love of the heavenly Father. I have seen women strive for success without satisfaction, confidence without security, and sex without love. . . . within me is a deep well of confidence built by Daddy's love and acceptance. He is still my greatest support. Daddy still says I am beautiful."

When Rose was talking on the phone to Kim this evening, I said I needed to tell her something. I took the cell phone. And I told her, "You are beautiful, and my eyes are smiling now!" I need to tell her more frequently.

The family held an Q&A session in the student center at 1 PM. It was pretty well packed out. I was impressed by the depth and breadth of the kids, who range from 22 years of age to 15. They are an incredible musical family, and their excellence gives glory to God. I had never heard of them until the advance publicity that hit our campus. But I know them now, and will be expecting to hear more about them in the coming years.

Daniel McCoy (one of the illustrious tutors in OCC's Learning Center) is a real McCoy. In the advance publicity on the OCC campus, he said they were great. In the spirit of John 4:42, I say,
I no longer believe because of what you said. I have heard for myself. The Annie Moses Band is great!

Nope, you won't hear them on talk radio, so check out their website, and buy their music. One of the songs they played says it all: Soli Deo Gloria!



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