Friday, April 14, 2006

Been Sick this week . . .

I don't usually get sick like this. I started with the sniffles last Friday, as I administered a Greek test. My wife and I went to a church leadership retreat in Branson over the weekend, and I was obviously catching a cold. It has been with me all week! The congestion starts in the head, and progresses from there to the south.

I have been using generic NyQuil at night, and a combination of brand name and generic DayQuil during the day. I made my first purchase of brand name DayQuil at a local Wal Mart on Monday morning about 6:00 AM, because the generic (fo
r less money) needed to be purchased at the pharmacy counter, which was at that time not open. The reason? The generic follows the old formula that contains pseudoephedrine now has purchase restraints on it because of the meth problem. The brand name DayQuil uses a new formula with phenylephrine instead of pseudoephredine, so it is not restricted. I returned to Wal Mart this morning (Friday at 8:00 AM) to get the generic. I had to show my ID and sign to buy it.

The Cubbies are not doing as well as I would like. The Cincinnati Reds have often been viewed as one of the weaker teams in the NL Central, but the Cubbies can't seem to beat them. We beat up on the Cardinals. Tonight they head off to Pittsburgh, to see how they match up against the cellar dwellers of the Central, the Pittsburgh Pirates. The bright spot for the Cubs so far has been Greg Maddux. He has delivered!

Go Cubbies! Eamus Catuli!


Tim said...

Hey mr. fish, are you going to update the think wave site for OT. I hope you are feeling better and had a good easter, even though you didn't get to see your grandkids.

Mike said...

D Fish-
Eskai and I caught two of the games in that Reds series at home. Maddux was GREAT. Too bad for DLee though Walker has stepped in great. If we can get Zambrano throwing well and Woody and Prior back we might be on to something. It could be worse, we could be Pittsburgh. Eamus Catuli!