Friday, April 07, 2006

Busy Week, Busy Weekend, Followed by Busy Week

I'm not complaining, but it has been a very busy week. I'm not sure that I'm recovered (sleep-wise/energy level-wise) from the trip to Costa Rica. One week back, we have the start of Daylight Savings Time, and begin Pre-enrollment for the fall semester. I have met with most of my student advisees this week, so it won't be that much longer before I finish with the student appointments.

Thinking about next fall, I have a new assignment, with a new prep in the fall: Analytical Grammar. My boss gave me a couple months notice. I think it was back in February when he said something like: "Since you're the best linguist on our campus [sic], what would you think about teaching Analytical Grammar?" I was kind of hoping that it might just go away, but when he came back with a formal request, I accepted. I will be teaching one section (of five). The other sections will be handled by part-time instructors.
This afternoon, we will be taking off for a church leadership (College Heights Christian Church) retreat in Branson. We'll be staying at a motel in Branson that has a sufficiently-sized conference room, Friday and Saturday night. If past years' retreats serve as a model, we will have a meeting tonight, meetings most of the day on Saturday, a worship time on Sunday, then we will return back to Joplin. I imagine there will be 45-60 people in attendance. It is usually attended by the elders, deacons and staff members, and their spouses.

Monday (normally a cherished day in my work week, since we have no day classes scheduled) will be filled with a twice-a-year commitment. I am the Faculty Representative for the OCC Athletic Department. Chris Lahm and I will travel to Kansas City for the Spring meeting of the MCCC Conference. It will be attended by the Athletic Directors and the Faculty Representatives of the member schools. This will be my second meeting.

Monday evening the Perspectives course will meet, and I will actually teach it, since our previously scheduled teacher (listed on the syllabus) was doubly-scheduled, and must fulfill the other commitment. I have known about it for several weeks, but it will require several hours of preparation (already this week I have re-done the reading assignment for this section of Perspectives). I will sneak the remaining prep time in somewhere.

The Cubbies are now at .500, losing to the lowly Reds in their second game out. They have their home opener this afternoon against their division rivals and arch enemies, the St. Louis Cardinals. I would love to sweep the Redbirds, but they have several superstars. The Cubbies will start Greg Maddux this afternoon. I hope that he is on his game, and that he gives nothing good to hit when Pujols is at the plate. Eamus Catuli!

I'm off to see the wizard. Fifty minutes from now my Greek students will begin a test over Greek Participles. I hope you have a blessed day!


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Gregory Fish said...

Busy, busy. It seems like when you think things can't get any more busy, something new comes along. GET SOME REST!