Wednesday, September 06, 2006

An Open Letter to Jim Hendry

Dear Mr. Hendry,

It was 1959 when my family moved to the Chicago area, and I began watching the Cubs on WGN, Channel 9. I consider being a Cub fan to be a chronic malady. I have been infected for years. For nearly 20 years of my adult life, I moved to the southern part of South America. There was no satellite TV, nor connection to the Internet in those days. I would occasionally pick up a USA Today newspaper, and follow the Cubbies. When my family would return to the U.S. (every 3-4 years, usually in the summer), in no time flat I could identify all those who playe
d in the Friendly Confines. The Cubs have taunted me for years now, teasing me every once in a while with a winning season, or post-season appearance. 2003 was the capstone. Oh, we were so close!

Since then, however, we have slid downhill rapidly. Last night, we overtook the Pittsburgh Pirates (Pittsburgh!) for possession of the cellar. We have the worst record in the NL, and the rest of the season doesn't look all that promising. The injury bug may have hit us much more than the average team, but give me a break! Our fundamentals stink! A contributing factor to last night's loss was that Ryan Dempster threw two (2!) wild pitches in the ninth inning, with Pirate runners in scoring position! Such things should not h
appen, Mr. Hendry.

I am writing you to implore you to do something to turn the ship around. You received your contract extension, and I don't begrudge you that. After all, the team you put on the field in 2003 was just a few outs from the World Series. But please, Mr. Hendry, do not bring back Mr. Johnny B. Baker for next year. I thought you would can him before now, but don't bring him back, please.

Please use the money the Tribsters give you wisely. Jacque Jones has a three year contract, but has made too many throws from right field that made it all of 12 feet before hitting the ground. Is Cedeño a shortstop, or a second baseman? I like him, but he's made far too many errors. D Lee's injury was huge, but come on! An MLB team that ignores fundamentals cannot win close games.

Please do something about the pitching staff. I'm ready to give up on our tandem of fireballers, Mark Prior and Kerry Wood. They have pitched a grand total of 63 1/3 innings this year, combined! And where has your insurance for the rotation, Wade Miller, been all year?

Please, oh, please, put a better club on the field for next year. That will require a manager and coaching staff that believes in discipline and hard work. Joe Girardi has done a good job with a team that was dismantled. We want something similar on the North Side of Chicago.

I am not suicidal. My hope is found in something much more secure than a mediocre baseball team. But once, just once, before I die, I would like to see the Cubs win.

Thanks in advance for putting together a winner for 2007. Just wait 'til next year!

Sincerely yours,

A frustrated Cub fan


Mike said...

Since I saw the Cubs in April, they haven't been much to watch. At least I got to see us while we still played solid baseball. So since the Cubs were pathetic the best part of my summer was fatherhood. We had a little girl Sarai Addison on August 5, 2006. Yes, Addison like Clark and Addison (Eskai's idea, not mine, though I seconded the idea immediately). I don't know if it is Baker's fault but our fundamentals have been awful since we let go of Riggleman and maybe earlier than that.

Anyway, hope the rest is going well with you and Eamus Catuli.

Mike Foster

Doug W said...

Feel better?

David G. Fish said...

Yes, momentarily. They won the next day, to move back out of the cellar, but last night, moved back down. Eamus Catuli, at least sometime in my lifetime.

Gregory Fish said...

Hey Mike! How ya doin'? My kids are Cubs fans, they don't know of any other team! I wonder where they get that from.

Dave Smith said...

I imagine it is some form of mental instability or perhaps it is a viral thing they caught from parental neglect. It is sad when parents allow their kids to participate in such painful and otherwise hopeless pursuits, only to see them just as infected as the parent was.

Rose Fish said...

Those grandkids love what their grandpa loves; is someone telling them that grandpa doesn't love them very much right now (not the grandkids but the CUBS.