Monday, September 04, 2006

Scooter, OCC, Cubbies, Grandsons

Scooter. I am now a licensed motorcycle rider. A week ago, I took the Motorcycle Safety Foundations Basic Rider Course. It entailed about 4 hours of classroom instruction (I got 100% on the written test), and about 16 hours of on-the-range riding. It probably should have been about 12 hours of practice, but our instructor (retired Air Force) did not take almost good enough as good enough. He even had me wondering if I would pass the course. As it turned out, I passed, but worked pretty hard at it, and was exhausted. A week ago today I turned in my certificate from the course, and got an "M endorsement" on my driver's license. That means that I can ride my scoot after dark, and carry a rider.

Rose surprised me, because I though she had no interest in riding anywhere on the scooter. A few days ago she asked me when I was going to take her for a ride. Yesterday, we borrowed a helmet, and rode out to eat at Steak n Shake. I originally thought we might go somewhere on the scooter for a Labor Day ride. The Sunday evening ride may have sufficed. It rode quite a bit differently with a 2nd rider than just by myself. Though it has a second seat, it doesn't have as much get up and go with two riders. We'll see. I certainly enjoy riding it though!

OCC. We are two weeks into the semester. I had my first test in Greek class already. My OT History class will have a test this week. My class will have their first test in about a week. Our freshman class enrollment is down this year, which has affected the size of my OT History class. I have fewer student-hours this semester than ever before. That will help my grading load substantially. I like all my courses, and the students.

Cubbies. I am a frustrated Cub fan! Imagine that! But you just wait until next year! Actually, the Cubs have had an incredible amount of injuries, some of them freak accidents/injuries indeed. They have used 13 different starting pitchers this year, and 7 of them are rookies, making their very first major league appearance this year! Kerry Wood (one-time ace) began the year on the DL, and has pitched only 19 2/3 innings all season. Mark Prior (the other ace) began the year on the DL, has has pitched 43 2/3 innings. Wade Miller (insurance starter) has been on the DL all season until two days ago, but is really not healthy. Derrek Lee (who should have won the MVP award in 2005) had a freak accident, breaking his right wrist, and has been out for most of the season (before today, he had played in just 40 games; today's game is the Cubs' 137th game of the season). The Cubs' best hitter for the year has been catch Michael Barrett (.307). On Friday, he went to the DL and will not return this season. His injury (should I even put this in my blog?) was called an intrascrotal hematoma, which required emergency surgery. The Cubbies are on WGN today (Labor Day). Pitching ace Carlos Zambrano got only 4 outs before leaving the game (I suspect some sort of injury). He gave up 4 runs in the first inning. The Cubs are now trailing 5-4 against the only team in the division with a worse record, the Pittsburgh Pirates! Just wait until next year! Hopefully, Johnny B. (Dusty) Baker will no longer be on the sidelines, and the front office will do a major overhaul on the lineup, to put a winning team back on the field.

Grandsons. Our grandsons, Nathan and Eli are very cute. Emily, their Mom, has a blog. Recently she posted a video of the boys. Nathan did some "preaching" on the video. The line I remember was "1-2-3, Stand up for Jesus!" When his younger brother got on camera, the message was not as evangelistic. I remember him saying, "1-2-3, Barney is a dinousaur!" You can check out her blog by clicking here.

That's all from here. Nephew Aaron Gage gets married on Saturday!

Peace to all!


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