Thursday, December 07, 2006

John 3:16 Diagrammed in Greek

This morning in my 7:00 AM Analytical Grammar class, we diagrammed John 3:16 from the NIV. I switch classrooms at 8:00, to teach Greek. When I was finished with Greek class this morning, I had Greek written all over the white boards. At 9:00 AM, another Analytical Grammar class comes into that classroom. They were to have diagrammed John 3:16. Someone from that class asked me to diagram John 3:16 and have it on the board tomorrow. Not being one to shrink away from a challenge, I diagrammed it. Here is goes:
Click on image to enlarge. Diagramming software part of Libronix Bible software (Original Language Package or greater).

There you have it. It is every bit as beautiful in Greek as it is in English. I have trouble this morning in my Grammar class convincing my students that Jesus loves diagramming sentences. I guess the best argument is that since He is God, by definition He knows how to diagram sentences, and that in our quest to become as He is, we should learn to diagram sentences as well. I'm not sure that connected with them either.

We had an excellent chapel sermon this morning by my good friend, James McCracken, about the Prince of Peace. As many of my students say, peace out!


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Tyler's parents said...

Hey! Saw your comment on fry's xanga and thought I should stop by! I so miss talking to you about the wonderful world of grammar! What a fun and exciting class you must have! :) Anyway, just wanted to say I have to totally agree with your conclusion of why learning to diagram is important. I'm completely positive Jesus loved it too! heheh Hope you have a GREAT Christmas. Guess you won't be visiting Tulsa this year - too bad. Anyway...maybe we'll plan a trip after the first of the year and see everyone. Enjoy your break! Talk to you soon.