Monday, December 04, 2006

Snow and Ice in the 4 States

It seems like it took 4 days to dig out. We're still not back to normal. Last Wednesday morning when I left home (about 5:30 AM) it was 67 degrees. That was the high for the day, as we had about a 50 degree drop during the day with precipitation. By the middle of the afternoon, we had freezing rain/sleet. The next morning (Thursday) we had a couple inches of ice over most everything. It took me about 15 minutes to break in to my car, since the doors were frozen shut. Thursday afternoon/evening it started snowing. I suppose we got 6-8 inches, which made getting up our hill difficult. All the schools in the 4 States area were closed on Thursday and Friday. Most of them are closed today (Monday). We should get up into the mid 30s today, and a lot of the stuff on our street should melt off. I thought the refrozen stuff on the roads was more dangerous this morning than the other days. Our street, Oak Ridge Drive, is pure ice on top of snow pack, on top of ice!

The snow and ice came at a most inappropriate time. I rented a storage unit for Kristy's (our surrogate daughter, Kim's best friend, and future apartment mate) furniture. She needed to get her furniture out of the house where she and her former fiancé were planning on living (the engagement was broken a few weeks back) by the end of November. The girls will move into an apartment on Jan. 1, 2007 (with one more roommate), but can probably move stuff in a few days ahead of that date. I wanted to keep the rental of the storage facility to just one month. The weather made it difficult to get done.

Special thanks go out to Deniss Montenegro, Justin Carney, Josh Willis, Andy Rodriguez, and Shawn Lindsay who went waaaaaayyyyy beyond their responsibility to help. Thanks, guys!

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dcoy said...

proffessor fish. man, i miss sitting in your classes. i am now living in your old neck of the woods in the chicago area. check my blog out if you get a chance. i would love to keep in touch.