Friday, January 05, 2007

Now What Do I Do with my Utah Jazz Shirt?

I got a Utah Jazz T-Shirt for Christmas from Kim. It was a very nice thought. It was all because of Roger Powell, former star of my high school team, and the University of Illinois.

He was waived yesterday by the Utah Jazz, just before a deadline that would require them to pay him all of the minimum rookie salary. He appeared in only 3 games this season.

I won't be making a trip to Oklahoma City on March 4 to see the Jazz play the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets. I had even written him a letter asking him for tickets.

Here are links about his release from Salt Lake City's Deseret News:
Jazz Release Powell
Illinois pals upset Powell's gone

Another link from the Salt Lake Tribune:
Jazz waive little-used Powell

His official ministry site doesn't have word of his release from the Utah Jazz yet, but I did find this article titled Glory Ball.

God's best to you, Roger!

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