Thursday, January 04, 2007

Well, It's Been a While!

Right after finals we took off for Brownsville, Texas. Our entire nuclear family was there. We had a condo in Brownsville, about 5 minutes from Greg's house. We had a great time, celebrated Christmas with the kids there on Dec. 22. We left Brownsville on the 23rd. Steve and Charissa went to Austin to celebrate the rest of the holiday with Steve's brother. We stayed in Allen, TX with David & Jennie Smith. I preached at Southwood Christian Church in Greenville, TX on Christmas Eve morning.

I've been busy since. Rose and I will leave tomorrow for Texas once again. We will be on a Caribbean cruise leaving from Galveston on Saturday. Upon hitting the shore, we'll make a mad dash back to Brownsville for just under 48 hours, then point it north. We'll arrive home on Sunday night, Jan. 14. I'll work the OCC enrollment on the 15th (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day), and then classes begin on the 16th.

Greg just wrote and recorded a song, titled My Boys and put it on his blog. I recommend it. Click on the link. I'm not sure where he gets his talent!

I borrowed an idea from Greg's blog, taken from, which I will use to publish some photos from our trip just before Christmas. Enjoy:

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