Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter, Happy Birthday, Happy Re-Birthday

Happy Easter! The LORD has risen. The LORD has risen indeed! We had wonderful Resurrection Sunday services this weekend at College Heights Christian Church. There were no Bible School classes, and we added two additional services. We attended the service in the chapel (old auditorium) at 9:30. My boss, Mark Scott, preached a moving sermon on the them Beyond the Cross. His 3 points were these:
Beyond the Cross there is:
  1. A Corpse
  2. An Occupied Tomb (though not for long)
  3. An Empty Tomb
Happy Birthday! Today my daughter-in-law, Emily, celebrates her birthday. Happy Birthday, Emily.

Happy Re-Birthday! When I realized that Easter Sunday would be April 8, I did some quick math, and realized that today is the 45th anniversary of my own baptism into Christ. Lots of things that I had 45 years ago
, I no longer have, but I was pretty certain I could put my hands on my Baptismal Certificate. It is stored in a family Bible (King James Version) that the Clayton Christian Church of Deerfield, MO (where I preached during my undergraduate years) gave us as a wedding present. Check it out below, I was baptized on April 8, 1962 (if you click on the image it will open it up in a separate window at a larger size). The certificate was filled out by someone in the congregation that had nice penmanship. The signature (Fred Fish) is in my father's hand. Mom was over for lunch today, and remembered that when I was ready to follow Jesus' example in baptism, I asked Dad to make an appointment with me to talk about it.
May the Risen Christ smile on you!


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