Friday, August 10, 2007

Am I That Round?

I've been teaching an Old Testament Survey course in Lautaro, Chile this week. At our intermission this evening, I discovered a drawing that was circulating around the classroom. I believe I am really quite a bit taller than the drawing reveals, and may not be quite as large around the middle. What do you think?


Charissa said...

That's hillarious! No, you are not that short or that round. Other than that, it's a pretty good sketch!

Espero que lo estes pasando bien. Disfruta el tiempo que queda.

Phil said...

Hey David, give saludos a quienes se acuerden de mí. Good to read your blog and see the pictures. You're right about the heat here--in the 100s all week. I took eDavid & Nelida & kids to bus station in KC on Thursday.



Andy said...

HEY! Love the pic! I blew it up real big on my screen and us Mustard Seeders had a good laugh at it!

David G. Fish said...


Don't forget that I taught Analytical Grammar last year. The word "us" is not eligible to serve as the subject of a sentence. It is in the objective case, which in the Greek language,we would call the accusative case. You would never be tempted to say "use had a good laugh," so you should not say "us Mustard Seeders had a good laugh."

I'm glad, however, that I caused you a bit of levity.

Greet the rest of the Mustard Seeders for me.


David G. Fish said...

Bad typo in the above comment, and that's not a good thing when trying to "correct" an earlier comment made by a friend or group of friends who were laughing at one.

It should read like this:

"You would never be tempted to say 'us had a good laugh', so you should not say 'us Mustard Seeders had a good laugh.'"

I repent in sackcloth and ashes.


Andy said...

Darn - I was hoping that you would not have caught that typo, because I was going to make sure you were aware of it. But then I read the next comment and saw you noticed it!

I will be sure next time I comment I will use proper grammar.

David G. Fish said...


I count you among my dear friends. Did you watch the Rapture song video in the latter post?