Thursday, August 16, 2007

Back at it Again! Don't be Left Behind!

A new school year is upon us. New students are moving into the dorms at OCC this morning. Orientation begins this afternoon, with a full slate of activities. It should be a great year.

A colleague sent me an e-mail with a link to a song on You Tube about eschatology. I thought you might enjoy watching it as well. Here is the link:
The Rapture Song, by Randy Bonifield.

The Cubbies are in a free fall right now. I sure hope they decide to play ball and win a game today. The 4-day series against the hated Cardinals is crucial.



Secret Rapture said...

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David G. Fish said...

That is the strangest comment I've ever received on this blog.

Andy said...

Indeed, I just watched it! I thought it was great, but I better not play it at my sending church or they may withdraw their support!

David G. Fish said...

Your sending church is close to Dallas Seminary, no?

We enrolled new students today. Methinks our numbers are down again. Keep us in your prayers.