Sunday, July 02, 2006

Kimbish Called from Thailand!

This morning we were awakened by a phone call from Kim! Yippee! The Myanmar team in now in place in Thailand, joining a group of from NMS-Intl that has been there. They are staying at a Youth Hostel in Northern Thailand. They have pretty much been incomunicado. The internet did not work for them in Myanmar. She wrote the weekly updates posted to the Myanmar/Thailand updates, but just sent the update via the e-mail of the national missionary they were working with. They were not able to read the comments left on their update site. Even though they are in a village, there is internet access there. They may be able to read the updates left on their site.

Each team member was supposed to be allowed 30 minutes. We went over that just a little. But it was good to hear her voice. Pray for her, that God will use them for His glory during their time in Thailand.


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Rose Fish said...

It was great to hear from Kim, I have really missed her. She has been healthy and that was good to hear. She loved the time in Myanmar but is glad to be in Thailand now. She said that it was a lot cooler and that she had pants on for the first time since she left the US. She said that they went from hardly anyone knowing English to a place where a lot of people know English even the children are taugh English and can speak some. She is excited to work with the children. She said to say Hello to everyone.