Saturday, July 15, 2006


I'm in a weird mood. PotPorridge (in the title above) is my chosen word to describe what this post is about: Potpourri.

Chinese Boys. We've enjoyed having Alex and Ricky Martin with us. We've taught them to play Uno, and though playing card games is not my favorite thing to do, it has been fun. Tuesday night I went to Joe Becker Stadium in Joplin to watch the first game of a doubleheader between the Joplin Slashers and Team Tulsa. Joplin won the first game 10-3. The boys don't understand baseball, and were a bit bored.

Here is a photo taken by Phil O'Hare (another host). Alex is in the orange shirt, and Ricky Martin is in the middle. Their friend Allen is on the right (Allen is staying with the O'Hare family).

I will be going to preach tomorrow at
Haileyville, Oklahoma, and will take the boys with me. Rose will stay here, and probably spend a bit of time at the Benson's, as Emily and the boys go back to Brownsville on Monday.

Alex and Ricky Martin went to College Hts. Christian Church last Sunday (probably over 1800 in attendance, and tomorrow they will accompany me to a small church (60) in a small town in Oklahoma. That will be a contrast, and will help them to see that not all churches are the same.

They will be with us through Wednesday night. Not sure how it will work out, but on Thursday they will go to MSSU for their daily activity. All the host families will meet at Ewert Park for a potluck, after which all the Chinese kids will go to Trish Udell's home (Trish is an ESL teacher at MSSU) to camp out, until 3 AM when they leave for the Kansas City airport.

Scooter Update. I took the scooter for its first ride yesterday. It was fun! The first place I drove it was to a motorcycle/ATV mechanic. There was a short in the wiring harness that was causing the horn problems. I had not been able to fix the problem. I left it there, walked to the Joplin Public Library to hang out, then went back to pick it up. All is fine now, and in a little bit I'll go get it inspected. The scooter has a broken tail light lens (tab was broken off when the scooter arrived). I contacted the dealer, and they will send me new lenses. I'm hoping that the paperwork arrives in today's mail (the dealer confirmed that it is "in the certified mail"). If so, I can get the license plate on Monday. Look for photos later!

May God shine on you and yours!


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Rose Fish said...

You looked so cute riding off on your scooter. Still can't believe you wanted to buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!