Thursday, July 13, 2006

Scooter Update

Scooter arrived in the rain on Monday afternoon. Huge crate. Had some difficulties, getting them all straightened out.

I've learned some about scooters. This is what I have done to it:
  • fixed seat latch problem
  • changed oil
  • changed fuel filter
  • changed gear oil
  • hooked up a "float charger" system to keep battery charged up if parked for several days without running it.
I didn't put any gasoline in the tank until this afternoon. I kicked on the kick start 5 or 6 times (just to build compression), then held the rear brake cable and hit the electric start button. It started right up!

Tomorrow I'll finish the setup. Hopefully everything will go well. If it is ready in time, I may drive it to Barney's Lube on 32nd St. to get the Missouri State Inspection.

Report written at the request of Charissa. Look for photos later!


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