Friday, October 27, 2006

Mud-slinging Ads & Missouri Amendment 2

Mid-term elections are just around the corner, and the mud-slinging has been evident. Living in the SW corner of Missouri, the campaigns in the race for U.S. Senator have stooped to pretty low levels. He slings mud at her, and she slings mud at him. It bothers me that they don't just run on the merits of their position, rather than slinging mud at the opponent (even if he/she is guilty). The races in Kansas are gearing up the ad hominem attacks as well.

I was pleased to see the following celebrities take a stand against Missouri Amendment 2: Kurt Warner, Jim Caviezel, Patricia Heaton, Jeff Suppan, and Mike Sweeney. The campaign, largely funded by a Bio-medical research institute in Kansas City that stands to reap millions of dollars if the amendment passes, claims to ban human cloning, when in reality it makes cloning a constitutional right! Kurt Warner proclaims Christ, and had a wonderful Cinderella-like ascent from stocking groceries at a Hy-Vee store in Iowa, to MVP on a Super Bowl winning team. Since then, his stock as a quarterback has fallen. On this spot against Missouri Amendment 2, however, Warner got it right:

"Why does it cost 28 million dollars to convince Missourians that an amendment to the constitution is good for them? Maybe because it's not! Don't be bought!"

Kurt, you just threw a touchdown pass. I'm voting no on Amendment 2!

If you vote in Missouri, I hope you will as well! See my earlier post concerning this matter!

Peace to all! (even to unborn embryos).


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