Monday, October 30, 2006

Maybe I'll be a Fan of the Utah Jazz

Over the last several years, I've lost interest in NBA basketball. College players (most of whom are not paid large sums of money for playing) play with intensity, like the game means something. Pro players have been coddled, and make millions whether they give their all or not. That tires me out to no end.

This year, however, I will pay attention to the Utah Jazz. Roger Powell Jr., son of one of my former teammates at Washington Jr. High and Joliet (IL) Central, appears to have ma
de the opening season roster of the Utah Jazz. I began watching University of Illinois basketball in earnest when Roger Jr. went there, and followed him through his 4 years there. He was a key member of Illinois' NCAA runner-up champion in 2005, but went undrafted by the NBA. He nearly made the Seattle Supersonics team last year, as an undrafted walk-on, but was cut from the roster just before the start of the season. He was then drafted by the CBA Rockford (IL) Lightning, where he played the entire 2005-2006 season, being named the CBA Rookie of the Year. He went to the Utah Jazz training camp as an undrafted invitee, after playing for one of their summer teams. He joins fellow Illinois teammates, Deron Williams (the Jazz starting point guard last season), and Dee Brown.

Roger Jr. is a licensed minister. He graduated from Illinois in 3 and a half years, and was doing some theological study during his last semester there. I try to check his official ministry website occasionally. Today's Deseret News had a pretty nice article about what make the Rev different than the rest.

Go, Roger!