Monday, October 16, 2006

Sweet Lou is the new Manager of the Cubs!

I've been busy, installing software, grading papers, translating for DWI offenders. I think that some teams are still playing baseball (though for Cub fans the season ended months ago).

Johnny B. (Dusty) Baker was not renewed as the manager of the Cubs (PTL!). Today the news that Cubs have signed for Lou Piniella to be their next manager. Lou is about the opposite of Dusty, in that if a player loafs or makes a mistake caused by lack of hustle, Lou will make certain that player will hear about it. Under Dusty, his favorites could make whatever mental mist
ake they wanted, and Dusty would seemingly cover for them. Though I was hopeful the Cubbies might hire Joe Girardi, I think this is a step in the right direction. When Ryno went into the Hall of Fame, he talked about players respecting the game and playing it "the right way." Largely, today's coddled super-stars have forgotten how to do that. Lou will help the Cubbies re-discover "the right way."

Gotta run!

Have a nice day!

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Mike said...

I, too, was hoping for Girardi. I think he would give us a better long term solution as manager. Maybe Lou will hire him as a bench coach so when he decides to quit in a few years, the team will be Girardi's to manage. Probably won't happen, but I can dream. I am liking Lou the more I think about it but Girardi still will be my #1 choice.

Hopefully the fundamentals will return to Wrigley, as well as a WS pennant. Eamus Catuli!