Saturday, November 04, 2006

Political Rally/Trip to Illinois/Translation for DWI Offenders

Political Rally. On Friday, I went to my very first ever political rally. President George W. Bush was in Joplin, stumping for the incumbent Republican Senator, Jim Talent. The Missouri Senate race is considered one of the bellwether races, in the GOP's attempt to retain a majority in Washington.

While OCC does not end
orse any political party, Chancellor Ken Idleman was on the Pre-program, leading in prayer. I thought his prayer was judiciously worded. I met the first two of my classes, and dismissed my class just before lunch. Many OCC students were present at the event, that was held in the Leggett & Platt Gymnasium at Missouri Southern State University. Because the event was being held on campus (and was attended by more than 6,000), MSSU dismissed their classes on Friday.

We found out earlier in the week that a block of tickets had been made available for OCC staff and students and their families. I called my mother to ask if she wanted a ticket, and she declined, citing a desire not to fight the crowds, etc. The event was televised on local TV stations. As we left the gym, I called Mom and asked her if she watched the event. She responded affirmatively, so then I asked her if she saw me jumping up and down. "No," she responded, to which I said, "Nobody else saw me jumping up and down either." (I didn't get any air under my shoes by jumping.)

Actually, I was disappointed at the President's failure to mention what I consider to be an essential component of Jim Talent's platform. This was a ma
jor portion of the face-to-face debate several weeks ago on Tim Russert's Meet the Press on NBC TV. The President did not mention the stem-cell initiative that will be on our ballot on Tuesday. Though the text of the constitutional amendment says that human cloning is banned, in reality the amendment (if it passes) would open the door to widespread practice of Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer, commonly understood as cloning. Senator Jim Talent is opposed to the the amendment, as the harvesting of embryonic stem cells would require that the embryos perish. Our Governor, Matt Blunt, supports the amendment in a low-keyed manner. The St. Louis press published this piece about Blunt's position on November 2. Based on President Bush's past statements, I think that he would be against that which the amendment would allow. He was stumping for Jim Talent, but Gov. Blunt was on the same platform. I believe the difference of opinion between Talent and Blunt was the reason the President was silent about stem cell research.

The photo to the right was taken with my little Kodak digital camera. President Bush is seen speaking. Behind him and to the President's right is Gover
nor Matt Blunt. Behind and to the President's left is Senator Jim Talent.

Trip to Illinois. I am in a motel room in West Frankfort, Illinois ri
ght now. I was asked to represent OCC at a Mission Rally at West Frankfort on Sunday. C. Y. Kim is to be the main speaker. I thought that I would be staying with a family from the church, but found out that the church had reserved a motel room for me. I left Joplin about 11:00 AM. I will return Sunday evening. It should be about a six hour drive, but any more, I find that when I travel by myself, I stop more often than I used to. Also, I stopped and had a real meal, instead of fast food, which made the trip be a little longer. I will try to get home more quickly than what it took.

Translation. I will do a 2-hour intake for a Central American man who has had repeated alcohol driving offenses on Monday. I will translate for another hispanic man on Monday and Tuesday night, at a 10-hour class in Neosho, MO. Wednesday evening I will do the second 4-hour group for still another man. It will be a busy week.

Tuesday morning early, I will perform my civic duty by visiting the polling place. I hope you will as well.

Peace and God's best to you all!


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