Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Randomnity on an Election Day

I Went to Vote Early. I was at my polling place this morning before 6 AM. Normally I'm on my way to work at that time, so instead of heading north to the campus, I went south (through the dense fog), to vote. Polls in Missouri open at 6 AM. A neighbor was there. We both stood outside the polling place, wondering if it would be all right to enter before the starting hour. We peeked in, and the election officials told us to come on in. We had to wait about 5 minutes for the official starting time. The other gentleman voted ahead of me. My ballot was the 2nd one cast. No hanging chads for me. My votes will count.

A Movie to Relax. Last night after I completed to preparation for class this morning, I decided to relax and watch an exhibition basketball game of the University of Missouri Tigers. It was not much of a game, as MU was dominating a team from Lithuania, so I turned it over to watch some news. On the eve of an important mid-term election, the talking heads were going at it--the polls may indicate a swing. It was tiresome. About that time, Rose came home for a women's meeting, and asked if I wanted to watch a movie. We have had some DVDs sitting in our entertainment center for some time, looking for time to watch one. I chose a delightful movie, Akeelah and the Bee. I would recommend it. Laurence Fishburne (no relation, :)) plays an African American English professor who coaches Akeelah, a girl from South LA who has a gift for spelling, to the National Spelling Bee. I thoroughly enjoyed the drama, and the emotions, as a girl from the underside made it all the way to the finals in Washington, D.C. It also brought back memories of the nasty word that knocked me out of the running to be national spelling champion--nasturtium. For those who don't know what a nasturtium is, I put a photo of some of them above and to the right.

I Have to Bring Election Day to the Classroom. Today we began our consideration of participles in my Analytical Grammar class. I reviewed basic sentence diagrams of components of grammar we have previously seen. Among the sentence diagrams we reviewed were ones with an infinitive clause functioning as a noun. Here is one of the diagrams I had the class do today:

May God bless you all on this fine day.


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