Monday, May 07, 2007

Eamus Catuli!

The Cubbies are once again above .500! They have put together a pretty good campaign, moving from dead last in the NL Central to second place, behind the over-achieving Milwaukee Brewers.

They have:
  • won 8 out of their last 9 games.
  • won their first 5 games to start the month of May since 1937!
  • finally won a 1-run ball game.
They are starting to hit the ball well:
  • Derrek Lee is leading the Major Leagues with a batting average of .414.
  • Alfonso Soriano is starting to heat up, now batting .303.
  • Ryan Theriot (I love to call him "The Riot") is batting .313.
Rich Hill is 4-1 with an ERA of 1.73 and Ryan Dempster is perfect 7 of 7 in save opportunities, with an ERA of 2.12. Some others in the bullpen have had moments of mediocrity.

Let's keep it up, Cubbies! Eamus Catuli!

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