Friday, May 18, 2007

"Without Amnesty, but Without Animosity"

Yesterday, a bi-partisan group from the U.S. Senate, working with the White House (how often do you see that?), forged a deal for a bill on normalizing the twelve million or so illegal immigrants in our country. The Senate proposal differs substantially from a House bill. You can see the main points of difference in the two proposals, according to the Washington Post by clicking here.

We live in a time of sound bites, rather than substance. President Bush gave a pretty good one, which I have used as the title of this post: without amnesty, but without animosity. You can watch the President's comments by clicking here.

It is difficult to believe that for once I am on the same side of an issue as Ted Kennedy! The bill, which faces opposition in the House, particularly among conservatives, would beef up border security, and allow those who were on U.S. soil before January 1 of this year, the option to acquire a Z-Visa, requiring them to pay a $5,000 fine over an 8-year time frame. Heads of household would be required to return to their home country, to get a consular visa stamp, but would be guaranteed permission to return to the U.S.

I know many people who would be favored by this legislation. Most of them are hard-working people just trying to get ahead. True, they broke the law to get here, but this allows them the possibility of normalizing their situation. No longer would they need to live in constant fear of what could happen if they have a tail light burnt out.

Go ahead, call me a Hispanic Lover!

Next post, a tribute to my 22-year old, soon-to-be-a-college-graduate daughter.


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