Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Flight 93, Cubs Baseball, Immigration

United 93. Yesterday we went to the movies to see the movie United 93. It received quite a bit of press a week ago when it had its debut. I had not talked to anyone who had seen it. We went to a matinee showing, in which I don't think there were more than a dozen people in the theater. It was quite depressing, in reality. Much of it was made from conversations with family members who were called from the plane in turmoil. The press has said that the family members "signed off" on it. It seemed to be realistic, if an unthinkable event can be portrayed realistically.

I was struck by the commitment of the terrorists. The movie began with Muslim prayer. As their deed dastardly unfolded, the movie depicted the terrorists in prayer. It depicted the reality of what they consider Jihad, a holy war against infidels. I'm reminded of the Apostle Paul's persecution of the followers of the Way, believing that he was doing God's will.

Oh that the Muslim world might come to know the God of the Bible, a God who loved the world so much that He sent His
only son to sacrifice himself, so that He might redeem those who live under the curse of hatred.

Cubs Baseball. I'm getting pretty depressed with the Cubbies. They say there is a fine line between love and hatred. Will I ever hate the Cubs? Probably not! To paraphrase something my Mom taught me (she will be shuddering at the thought of what I will write next--you see, she is one
of the four readers of this blog), "No, I don't hate the Cubs. I just hate what they do!"

Kerry Wood had a good rehab outing on Sunday, pitching for the Peoria Chiefs. He is scheduled to pitch on Friday for the Iowa Cubs. I hope that he is healthy.

Immigration. The country's debate on illegal immigration is certainly not over. I deal with Spanish-speaking people from the 4-state area frequently. Later today I will be translating for one. Some of those that I deal with are legal immigrants, some are illegal. My heart goes out to them. I was amused by a cartoon that I saw in our local newspaper. It was by Bruce Beattie. I highlighted the punch line, a sad commentary indeed on the attitude of some:
Peace to you all! Even to the Muslims who hate us, and to the illegal immigrants that some of us hate!



Terry Hull said...

David: A well-written post. You are right in your implication that there is a similarity between the terrorists' hatred of the U.S., and some U.S. citizens' growing hatred of Hispanics. There are also differences. As you point out, the terrorists' hatred is driven by their religion, albeit false. Hatred of Hispanics, on the other hand, is driven by prejudice and greed. The terrorists proclaim their hatred openly, while some U.S. citizens attempt to hide their hatred behind political statements about national security and enforcing the law. What does it say about us that we could never bring ourselves to hate our favorite team, but we allow ourselves to hate our neighbors. I share your prayer that Muslims will find the love of God. I also pray that more of our fellow Americans will find God's love, and experience His love for our Hispanic neighbors and fellow citizens. (By the way, make that FIVE readers).

David G. Fish said...


Thanks for your kind comment. And I appreciate you stopping by and reading. I started blogging with a little hesitation. Our generation is not as prone to transparency as the generation of today's students. I've also begun to read quite a few blogs--those of family members and friends, and some more serious ones as well. Scads of our students have sites at Xanga or at MySpace. So many of those seem to be superficial, though.

I've enjoyed doing it, and I'm totally random about my posts. Thanks for stopping by.