Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Whoa, It's Finals Week, Kim's Trip to Asia, Our Trip to Texas, Bible Software, and Cubs Win (Finally)!!!

Finals Week. The semester is over! It is final exam week. It really did go by very quickly. I've still got a lot of grading to do, but I'll survive. My last final will be Friday morning. It would be nice to be finished grading by the weekend. Grades are due on May 30.

Kim's Trip to Asia. Kim will be going to Thailand/Myanmar. Her group leaves Sunday (May 21) about noon. They will be going to a Pre-Field Orientation camp near Orlando, Florida, before taking off for Asia. She got a typhoid shot the other day, and yesterday her malaria pills arrived.
We're proud of her commitment to the LORD and to missions. This trip will fulfill her internship requirement. She has worked at Cracker Barrel since she was 16, and they will give her a leave of absence while she is gone.

Our Trip to Texas. As soon as she leaves for Florida-Asia, we will leave for South Texas. We've got a couple adorable grandsons down there. Rose has been talking nearly daily to Nathan (our soon-to-be-4-ye
ars-old grandson) and has been counting the days until we get there. Below is a picture of Emily and her boys, taken for Mother's Day:
They are cute, don't you think? Greg and Emily are trying to close on their very first purchase of a home. It could happen today!

We will leave Brownsville on Sunday afternoon and head for Allen, TX, where we will stay with Rose's sister, Jennie. Her sister, Patty (from Indiana) will be there as well. We'll have Sunday night and part of Monday there (Memorial Day). I will take Rose to Love Field, where she will get on
a Southwest Air Lines flight to Tulsa. Charissa will pick her up. I will stay in TX, continuing to munch off of David and Jennie Smith until Thursday. On Wednesday night, May 31, I will attend a special launch event for Libronix Bible Software in Ft. Worth. I'll leave to come home on Thursday morning.

Bible Software. I really am excited about the new version of Libronix. It comes with some neat features. I have written about the syntactical database search capabilities before, and as I learn to do more, I will probably write about that. For people who are not proficient in the use of Bib
lical languages, however, I am most interested in the possibilities afforded by the Reverse-Interlinear Bibles (ESV for both OT and NT, and NRSV for NT). It will be cool. And finally . . .

Cubs Win!! It has been a horrible run. Carlos Zambrano won last night, pitching very well, evening his record at 2-2. The Cubbies have dug themselves a huge hole. I certainly want them to crawl out of it. They still made some stupid baserunning mistakes, but they won 4-0! For about the last two weeks, the only pleasure the Cubs had afforded me was that Greg
Maddux pitched well his last time out, and helped himself with the bat, and also with a stolen base! I heard it live on the Cubs' Radio Broadcast on XM Radio. A guy (Miles Long?) posted this photo that he took himself at the ball game, showing Maddux calling himself safe at second. It's a classic.

Peace to all (especially ἀνθρώποις εὐδοκίας)!



stephen said...

brother Fish, I read your post awhile back about the use of Sabbath not only as a specific day of the week, but also as referring to the entire week. I just discovered another usage of that and I thought I would pass it on to you.

In the LXX Psalm 23 (english 24) Starts with: "Psalm of David, of first of Sabbath" (lit). Of course, the implied meaning is: "Psalm of David, for the first day of the Week."

I thought perhaps you would find that intresting and maybe helpful if you are trying to prove the point and need another example of it.

-stephen lawson

David G. Fish said...

Thanks, Stephen. Good work there. I had done a cursory look over at the uses of the word in the LXX. In my scanning, this one escaped me:

Ψαλμὸς τῷ Δαυιδ, τῆς μιᾶς σαββάτων

I'm really not trying to prove anything.

How was the benefit concert the other night. I could not go, but did contribute towards the event.



Charissa said...


I'm sporting Cubs attire today for a Ballpark Themed event at work. I'm getting alot of slack for it. I'm just telling people that it's an inherited trait. I'm glad the Cubs are doing better.


Dave Smith said...

I was wondering about this disreputable place you had your daughter working since she was 16 ... The Crack Barrel sounds bad no matter how you imagine it ... assuming it was Cracker Barrel.

Anyway, pass along to Kim for me to have a great trip and hope that my contribution makes it there prior to her departure! Tell her to be safe and that we are all proud of her service to the King! Our church is praying for her the entire time she is there as I am sure others are as well!

David G. Fish said...

Little Dave!

Thanks for the proof-reading exercise. I made the correction, so anyone else who reads your comment may wonder what you are talking about now!

See you mebbe in a week or so!


Gregory Fish said...

especially good men? What's that about. Do I rank as a good man? By the way I just finished the DaVinci code and posted on our church website a bunch of free resources better than the ones I posted on my blog a while back. The McDowell podcast is pretty fun.

I guess good men is in the Bible sense and not politically correct, including females as well. I think my little sis is a good person. May God bless her trip this summer!

David G. Fish said...

Yes, the use of ἄνθρωπος here would certainly be gender inclusive. But I was thinking in terms of a familiar Bible verse that offers peace to all. It is frequently rendered differently than the Greek text I used has it. It is important to understand that εὐδοκίας is in the genitive case, and describes the "men."

Congrats on the house.

Hint on the Greek (Lk. 2:14)


Gregory Fish said...

I figuered that'd be the contextual usage of the phrase.

Today, we went back to sign something at the Title co. and then at the realtor, they say they can't read the fax. So still waiting on the key!!!