Monday, May 29, 2006

From ORG to INFO

My institution, Ozark Christian College, provides me with web space for the creation of a website. About a year ago, I contracted my own web space, assuming full responsibility for what I put on it. I also contracted my own domain, which, in a moment of temporary insanity had an extension that ended in .org. I mention that as temporary insanity, because in reality, I am NOT an organization. Such a domain name extension should be reserved for organizations, like churches or para-church organizations.

That insanity lasted a year. I have recently renewed that space, and changed the domain from a .org to a .info, which more aptly describes that stuff that one can find there. That particular site will not likely be updated until later this summer. It is located at

By the way, if you want to know more about domain suffixes, click here.

Yesterday we left Brownsville, TX where we spent most of the past week with Emily (daughter-in-law) and Nathan and Eli (2 grandsons). Our son, Greg, was in Chicago for part of the week. I'll update with some pictures of the boys soon. Rose has returned to Joplin, flying from Dallas to Tulsa. I remain in the Dallas area to attend a Logos Libronix Bible Software launch event on Wednesday, before returning home.

Peace to all!


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