Thursday, May 04, 2006

My Bad! My Bad!

λάθος μου

Today's chapel sermon was on Job. His life was wild and bumpy. He tried to live righteously before God, shunning evil, but calamity came into his life. He spoke his mind, and then God addressed him, basically saying, "I'm God, and you are not!" (Check out Job 38-41). When Job came to the realization of his error, he repented:

I had no idea what I was talking about – it was all way too big for me to get my head round. I can't believe I had the nerve to say to you, 'Listen to me when I'm talking. I ask the questions, and you give the answers.' I'd heard rumours of your reputation. Now I've seen you with my own eyes, and I'm dying of embarrassment at my attitude. I take it all back, every question, every accusation. Sorry. Won't happen again.

Excerpt from the first few verses of Job 42, taken from Lacey, Rob (2003). The Word on the Street. Zondervan.

I feel kind of like Job myself. I'm sorry. I have failed terribly at this blogging thing. I've been writing about Greek and NBA basketball. I've been concerned about answering Arod's questions about the Sabbath. In the midst of all this, I failed to do two very important things:

1. Recognize that my youngest child, Kim, just turned 21. She is an adult now. I'm proud of what she has done. She has been an RA in her dorm for the past two years, and this year has been the Head RA in the dorm. She will be leaving in just a few weeks for a summer internship with New Missions Systems, International, working in two SE Asian countries: Myanmar (formerly Burma) and Thailand.

2. Recognize that my oldest child, Charissa, has entered the blogging world. You may want to check out her blog. She works in the Human Resources Department of a large company in our area.

That's about it. As Job said, "I repent in sackcloth and ashes!" I love my daughters. I love my son, too. To avoid repenting again (not that repenting again is a bad thing), maybe I better give you a link to his blog.

Peace to you all!



Charissa said...

That was nice. Thanks for spreading the word about my blog. I've had alot of fun with it so far. I wouldn't say you are bad at blogging. You are the one that inspired us all to start!

Gregory Fish said...

Humorous hyperbole at best. I don't think you have failed at all. On the contrary, you've excelled.

I was just listening to the late great Rich Mullin's "Never Picture Perfect" album. It brought back memories and a couple of tears. I remember that my favorite song on that album when I was a kid was not the rockin' "Higher Education" song. It was the quiet, poetic "First Family." I can sing the same lyrics about you and mom, with the exception of the parentheticals:

Talk about your miracles
talk about your faith
(my dad, he could make things grow out of Indiana clay)
(mom could make a gourmet meal out of just cornbread and beans)
and they worked to give faith hands and feet
and somehow gave them wings

We love you too! Thanks for excelling with us.

Kim Fish said...

dad that was an absolute wonderful blog!! the best i've seen!!! i'm sorry to make you repent, the comment really came as i was going insane from writing a term paper at 1 in the morning the night before it was due!!! thank you for taking my advice and mentioning not only me, but carrie and greg as well. greg's comment was nice but i think he put me and carrie to shame!! that's right i called carrie mean!!!

Rose Fish said...

Greg mentioned mom!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never will blog!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave Smith said...

Sniff! This was the best episode ever ...

Charissa said...


Every one of your posts make me laugh! Thanks for the entertainment.


You are such a kiss up!


We really do love you and we know you love us. Sometimes we just need to hear it more. Thanks for being so transparent.


I'm glad you can be included in this too, but I can't help but point out that Greg doesn't think you can make a gourmet meal out of just cornbread and beans. Maybe it was the Ham Helper? Just kidding!

I love all of you!

Gregory Fish said...

I'm not a kiss up! I really had a moment yesterday.

Kim Fish said...

reading this comments make me laugh so hard!!! this has been really fun!!! greg i'm glad you had a moment the other day!! i can picture you getting teary eyed right now!! you've always been a sensitive one (and i mean that in a good way, except the times you would cry when you wouldn't win a game!!!) basically i just love my family!! (don't worry dave that includes you, with your humorous comments and all!)

Dave Smith said...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

That is why she is #1 ranked!

Andy Rodriguez said...

sorry for getting you off track by making you answer questions about sabbath.