Sunday, May 04, 2008

Back from St. Louis

It's always nice to see the Cubs win. I made the trip yesterday with my son-in-law, Steve Robinett. I had assumed that he was a Cardinals fan, but he is not, so we got along really well. Nobody in our section was drinking excessively--in fact, most people in our section were not drinking at all :), which made it nice. The Cubs scored six runs in the 4th inning and won the game 9-3. Ted Lilly pitched a quality start, going 7 innings and even hitting a double.

My friends, Jerry and Linda Mitchell, from the Joliet area were there with some of their friends. I had told them where we were going to be sitting. We had been phone-tagging some, but really hadn't talked (It's easy to miss a cell phone call in a stadium when it's noisy). When we descended from our section, there they were! It was good to see them (my digital camera is still in my car--I'll try to post a photo later.) When I was walking to the parking garage (we only had to pay $5 for parking), I listened to a voice mail from Jerry Mitchell, telling me that they would try to see me as I descended from my section. Thanks for finding me!

I have a new phone, the Samsung Blackjack II. It is a smartphone, combining my PDA and cell phone into one device, which even has a smaller footprint, which is nice. One of the things the phone has is built-in GPS. I got the GPS going with Google Maps, and was messing around with it before the ballgame started. I had the GPS on my phone locate me. I'll post a couple pictures, taken directly from screenshots on my phone. One shows my location on a map. The other one shows my location on a satellite image. When I zoomed in, in pinpointed my location in Busch Stadium. We were sitting in the nosebleed section, but the seat was great. I'll post a 3rd picture, taken with the cell phone camera during batting practice, showing our view of the playing field. Pretty cool!

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