Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jim Edmonds is a Cub

Jim Edmonds has been a very good baseball player in the past. After last night's game, the Cubs announced his signing, and optioned Felix Pie to the AAA Iowa Cubs, to make room on the Cubs roster. Check the story here from the official Cubs page.

I have mixed feelings about this. I have hated Jim Edmonds for years (in the Christian charity-sense of hating the guys on the opposing teams)!!!! Often, when commenting about how much I hated him (to fans of the St. Louis Cardinals), I admitted his quality, and even that "if he was one of our guys I would probably love him."

Still, he's 37 years old (for those of my generation that is old when it comes to playing baseball). He is in decline. Still, he is rumored to have signed for the prorrated MLB minimum. He may be in the lineup today, as the Cubs battle the San Diego Padres (the team that recently released Edmonds). Ironically, 2-times former Cub Greg Maddux will pitch for the Padres, which would normally mean that left-handed batting Edmonds would be in the lineup. He was released by the Padres because he was not hitting well. I hope he comes out of his slump quickly. Jim Edmonds' career stats available here.

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Mike said...

I too am on the fence with this one. Though he was awesome with the Cards how will Pie ever grow if we keep sending him down to AAA. If he does well then we are getting a great deal if not release him and bring back Pie.