Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sabbatical Begins

Grades Submitted on Time.

Yesterday our grades were due at 9:00 AM. I turned mine in at 8:54 AM. Yoohoo! I spent the remaining portion of the day getting ready to move stuff from my office to home, where I will spend most of my time working.

Workspace Set up at Home.

My workspace will be located downstairs in our family room. I moved an 8 foot table in there this morning, and will be taking books, articles, files, etc. home to work on the dissertation. Yoohoo!

Cubs tied for Best Record in Major League Baseball!

Previously, they were tied for that honor with the Arizona Diamondbacks, but now . . . it's with the Tampa Bay Rays! Were they perennial losers before just because of the word Devil in their name?

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Mike said...

how about the sweep of the dodgers!?!